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Goan Food in New Jersey

The land of Goa is home to a rich mixture of cultures and cuisines. Indeed, no trip to Goa is complete without tasting its traditional food, a mix of local Konkani and Marathi flavors with a significant Portuguese influence. Seafood, coconut milk, grated coconut, rice and local spices are the main ingredients of Goan cuisine.

At Goan Food in New Jersey, our dishes are made to order from only the freshest ingredients. Our specialties include: Chicken Xacuti, Mutton Xacuti, Crab Xacuti made with Maryland Blue crabs (Kurlya), Chicken Suke, Mutton Suke, Shrimp Suke, Shrimp Amti (Hooman), Fish Amti -made with you choice of fish, Rawa Fried Fish, Rawa Fried Shrimp, Stuffed Pomfret (Bharlele Paplet), Ek Shipi made with clams or mussels, Sol Kadhi, Ambolya, Kismoor, and many more.

Authentic Goan gourmet food we offer

Mula Bhaji